For Sale

This page contains images and descriptions for existing works that are available for direct purchase from the artist.


NOW  Indiana Limestone, 2016, 9’H x 6’W x 4’D, $60,000.00

“Now” is a shortened title for “Now is the time to be great”.  This sculpture is about Self-Actualization; it is a monumental-scale reminder to “be all that you can be”.  The image is a pair of hands bursting from the confines of the rigid constraints.  Whether it is outside forces that want to hold us back, or our own fears and doubts, the time for achievement is Now.

11 harmony10 harmony

HARMONY   Indiana Limestone, 2015,  8’H x 4’W x 3’D, $28,000.00

“Harmony” is a symbol for finding a balanced place for ourselves within our world. The cubic forms represent the Cities of Man – they are fused together because we depend on each other… for everything. It is supported by the benevolent forces of Nature. The lower portion is symbolic of soil, water and mineral resources of our planet – where everything has its beginning and end.

09 inertia08 inertia07 inertia

INERTIA  Indiana Limestone, 2014, 6’H x 3’W x 3’D, $24,000.00

In the time that you read this sentence, you will have traveled 1,400 miles (through outer space).  This sculpture is a visual reminder that nothing stands still; Change is the only constant.  The composition shows the Sun on its curved path around our galaxy, chased by the planets on their spiral path through space.  There are 3 planets, because that’s where we are: “third rock from the Sun”.  It is designed as a centerpiece for a dry landscape like a Japanese rock garden.

04 daydreamer03 daydreamer

DAYDREAMER BENCH  Indiana Limestone, 2017, 6’W x 3’D x 2’H, $14,000.00

Relax and let yourself be swept away – to another time, another place.

01 magic carpet02 magic carpet

MAGIC CARPET BENCH  Indiana Limestone, 2017, 6’W x 2’D x 2’H, $11,800.00

The magic carpet will transport you safely – over the rainbow…on a cushion of air… to a place where the sun always shines bright.


12 bubbles13 bubbles

BUBBLE BENCH  Indiana Limestone, 2015, 6’W x 3’H x 3’D, !!!SOLD!!!

Every person has the same goal in life: to be happy.  This sculpture is about happiness and a daily reminder to not take things so seriously.  The effervescent bubbles push the bench seat upwards, like the corners of a smile.

05 stepping out06 stepping out

STEPPING OUT  Indiana Limestone, 2014, 6′-8″H x 3’W x 3’D, $14,000.00

Greatness can’t be achieved without Risk.  This life-sized stone figure shows a woman (very tentatively) about to take that first Big Step – into the unknown…


GET MOVING  Indiana Limestone, 2014, 9’W x 4’H x 4’D, $14,000.00

This functional sculpture shows a strange array of technical parts emerging from the matrix of stone.  The viewer can contemplate the function of this mysterious machine as they take a break.. before they have to ‘get moving’ again.


19 safe 02 (1)22 safe 04 (2)20 safe 02 (2)21 safe 04 (1)

SAFE BENCH  Indiana Limestone, 2016, 3’W x 2-1/2’D x 1-1/2’H, $3,000.00

This functional sculpture offers surprises from every angle.  It’s intent is to delight the child inside of all of us as we try to figure out its secrets.

23 battery24 battery

BATTERY BENCH  Indiana Limestone, 2016, 3-1/2’W x 2’D x 2’H, $3,000.00

This functional sculpture offers a wide range of textures and shapes to explore as the viewer takes a moment to ‘re-charge’.


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